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IMKO was the first manufacturer of TDR measuring techniques to offer a TDR tube access probe especially designed for water content profiling. For the first time ever, the rapid, routine and non-destructive measurements of water content profiles is possible without the use of hazardous radioactive materials. The tube probe consists of a cylindrical PVC-body, which has four spring-mounted aluminium plates as TDR wave guides on opposite sides.

TRIME®-PICO IPH/T3 for accurate measurements of soil moisture profiles

# The sensible alternative to awkward neutron probes, complex cable testers or inaccurate capacitive sensors
# Measurement of soil profiles in 18cm (T3) increments to a depth of 3 meters in any number of tubes
# 0 - 60% vol soil water-content measurement

The intelligent and compact TRIME-PICO IPH/T3 sensor is a measurement devices for continuous and non-destructive determination of volumetric soil moisture. It is designed for mobile field use and can be connected to a PICO-BT Blue tooth module or a data logger (globeLog or any analogue data logger) or a PC for monitoring and data logging purposes.

The measurements are performed from within TECANAT plastic access tubes which can be left in the soil. The tubes must be installed prior to the taking the measurements by using a specially developed drilling set. The system enables cable lengths of up to 25m. The intelligent, automatic TDR-curve reading electronics is housed in a robust and waterproof (IP-68) PVC-cylinder, withstanding even the toughest demands of permanent field use. The low power consumption of 8mA stand-by and 100mA during the 2..3-second measuring period conserves your power resources on site. Features are a RS485/V24 interface for both an external power supply (7V..24V/DC, 100mA) and connecting the PICO-BT Blue tooth module or a PC as well as an 0..1V or 0(4)..20mA analogue output for interfacing external devices e.g. datalogger.

The Operating Principle:

The TRIME device generates a high-frequency pulse (up to 1GHz) which propagates along the metal shells, generating an electromagnetic field around the probe. At the end of the shells, the pulse is reflected back to its source. The resulting transit time (3ps - 2ns!) can be measured and enabling determination of the propagation velocity, which is primarily dependent on the water content. The volumetric water content is then calculated by the velocity and is shown on the display panel immediately.

Measuring Volume:

The effective penetration depth of the probe T3 is about 15 cm with the highest sensitivity in the immediate vicinity of the access tube, and decreases exponentially as distance increases.

Power supply: 7V - 24V-DC
Power consumption: 100mA @ 12V/DC during 2 - 3sec. of measuring
Moisture measuring range: 0 - 100% volumetric water content
Soil temperature measuring range: -15°C - 50°C (extended temperature range on request)
Soil temperature measuring accuracy: ±0,2°C
Measurement volume: 3.0L ≙ 180x150mm diameter

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