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AMS Sand Sludge Sediment Probe

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The sand, sludge, & sediment probe is capable of recovering high quality core samples in a variety of materials including dry sand, loose sediment, and sludge that has settled in drums and tanks.

The NEW AMS Replaceable Tip Sand/Loose Sediment Soil Probe is ideal for obtaining unconsolidated soil samples in a 1” x 24” poly liner.

This small diameter sampler comes equipped with a heat-treated replaceable core tip which has been bored out to accept a 1” core catcher and 1" x 24" plastic liner. This feature minimises the gap between the tip and body of the sampler – resulting in a more representative core. The core catcher also helps ensure full sample recovery.

Extensions can be added for deeper sampling.

The soil probe is equipped with a 1” core catcher which ensures full sample recovery in the proper soil conditions.

Probe includes 1” x 24” Probe body, 10” comfortably gripped cross handle, replaceable tip, 1” core catcher, 1” x 24” plastic liner, and two 1” plastic end caps and a spanner wrench.

Ordering Information:
Replaceable Tip Sand Sludge Sediment Probe
424.37 Replaceable Tip Sand Sludge Sediment Probe

5/8" Threaded, 1 1/4" Replaceable Soil Probe Tips
425.76 1 1/4" Standard Tip
56801 1 1/4" Oversized Tip
56796 1 1/4" Clay Tip
56797 1 1/4" Mud Tip
56826 1 1/4" Serrated Tip

Replacement Parts & Accessories
401.26 10" Cross Handle with Grips
400.96 5/8" Compact Slide Hammer
400.99 5/8" Regular Slide Hammer

425.04 1" 24" Plastic Liner
425.18 1" Plastic End Cap
61882 1" Plastic Core Catcher