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frmOMNI Ambient Air Sampler

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Saturation monitoring has generally been accomplished at low flow rates in order to keep the cost and weight of the equipment down. BGI has brought this approach to its ultimate development with the addition of a true 5 lpm inlet. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages state and local air monitoring groups to conduct short-term multi-site pollutant monitoring studies using a non-reference method, small portable samplers. The concept is to "Saturate" an area with easily deployed, inexpensive filter samplers, to assess air quality in areas with high concentrations of pollutants or at reclamation sites. The additional data acquired using saturation samplers helps air pollution control agencies to evaluate their monitoring networks consistent with requirements in 40CFR Part 58. Saturation monitoring may also be conducted to characterize the spatial distribution of pollutant concentration or to evaluate the contributions of sources in support of receptor modelling.

frmOMNITM Ambient Air Sampler (Filter Reference Method) for TSP, PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 1

• Fence line Monitoring
• Remediation Projects
• Saturation Networks
• Remote Location Monitoring
• International Applications

• miniPMTM Multi-cut Inlet (Pat. Pending), for TSP, PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 1
• Inlet is Verified By HSE for Entry Bias Ensuring Reference Method Type Data

• Light Weight and Field Portable (< 5lbs.)
• Power: AC, DC and Solar
• Runs For Up to 48 Hours on DC Power
• Default configuration is PM 10

Solar Power
BGI has met and exceeded customer requests with the addition of solar power and a new proven inlet design. BGI is adding to the only family of EPA Designated Solar powered particulate samplers (PQ100 and PQ200) the new frmOMNI. The miniature solar panel is shown mounted on the heavy duty tripod stand. It is available as an accessory to provide continuous sampling capabilities for the frmOMNI in remote sample sites. Solar, AC recharge or changing of the battery provide the user with three options to sample anywhere on the planet. The instruction manual provides the information for solar alignment and angular orientation for maximum performance.

The BGI 5Lpm miniPM Inlet was designed for a variety of sampling solutions and to promote the development of a new generation of BGI ambient particulate samplers. Being the only new inlet verified in three European wind tunnels, the miniPM Inlet is the main subject of a peer reviewed publication.

Ordering Information:

5003 frmOMNI Sampler, w/miniPM Inlet, PM 10.0 Jet, Filter Holder Assembly and Battery Charger / Power Supply
5004 Deluxe frmOMNI Sampler, w/miniPM Inlet, Complete 5 Jet Set, Filter Holder Assembly and Battery Charger / Power Supply

In order to maximise economy to the user the frmOmni is provided without mounting stands. Please purchase a Universal Bracket (5005) or a Tripod (5006) when ordering.

5005 Universal Mounting Bracket (for use on flat surface or circular dia. up to 15". (Includes adjustable band p/n 5005B)

Replacement Parts
5005B Replacement Band for P/N 5005
5006 FRM Heavy Duty Tripod Stand
5007 Battery Charger / Power Supply
(for use with P/N 5003 or 5004)
2616 PM 10.0 Jet
2741 PM 4.0 Jet
2617 PM 2.5 Jet
2618 PM 1.0 Jet
2599 TSP Jet
F212 Filter Cassette 46.2 mm
F214 Filter Cassette w/ Carrying Case
F215 Empty Filter Cassette Carrying Case
5010 MiniPM Inlet only, w/PM 10.0 Jet
5011 MiniPM Inlet only, w/5 Jet Set
FRMSOLAR Solar Panel w/ Regulator, tripod stand (p/n 5006), wiring and hardware. (marine battery not included)