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TE-1000 PUF (Poly-Urethane Foam) Monitor

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PUF for Pesticide Particulate/Vapor Air Sampler: Complete with outdoor anodised aluminium PUF shelter, aluminium blower motor assembly, 4" particulate/vapour sampling module, flow venturi calibration valve system, 0-100" magnehelic gage, motor voltage control/elapsed time indicator, 10' exhaust hose, and 7-day mechanical timer (110v/60hz or 220v/50hz)

Simultaneously collect suspended airborne particulates as well as trap airborne pesticide vapors

TE-PUF Poly-Urethane Foam sampler is a complete system designed to simultaneously collect suspended airborne particulates as well as trap airborne pesticide vapours at flow rates up to 280 litres per minute. The TE-PUF features the latest in technological advances for accurately measuring airborne particulates and vapours.

• Samples semi-volatile organic compounds.
• Especially designed for sampling airborne particulates and vapour contamination from pesticide compounds.
• Successfully demonstrated to efficiently collect a number of organochlorine and organophosphate pesticides.
• By-pass blower motor design permits continuous sampling for extended periods at rates to 280 litres per minute.
• Proven sampler components housed in an anodized aluminium shelter for outdoor service.
• Samples in accordance with U.S. EPA Method TO-4, “ Method for the Determination of Organochlorine Pesticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Ambient Air “.

A dual chambered aluminium sampling module contains both filtering systems. The upper chamber supports the airborne particulate filter media in a circular filter holder. The lower chamber encapsulates a glass cartridge which contains the PolyUrethane Foam for vapour entrapment.

A wide variety of sorbents can be used in a manner that permits their continual use. Poly urethane foam or wet/dry granular solid media can be used individually or in combination. The dual chambered sampling module is designed for easy access to both upper and lower media. The threaded lower canister is removed with the cartridge intact for immediate exchange. Filter support screens and module components are equipped with gaskets providing a leak proof seal during the sampling process.

Air flow rates are infinitely variable up to 280 litres per minute. The voltage variator adjusting screw alters the blower motor speed to achieve the flow rate desired. Air flow rate is measured through the flow venturi utilising a 0-100" Magnehelic Gage. Periodic calibration is necessary to maintain on-site sampling accuracy.

A Seven Day Mechanical Timer (TE-5007) is included as standard equipment and permits weekly scheduling with individual settings for each day and 14 trippers to turn the sampler On and Off as desired. Any day or days may be omitted. Day and night periods are distinctly marked. Other timers and programmers are available optionally to suit any sampling requirement.

Inlet collection efficiency: Meets EPA Methods T04A,T09A,T013A
Flow rate: 280 Litres per min.(10 CFM)
Filter media: 4" Round Quartz Filters (TE-QMA4)
Flow control: Motor Voltage Control/Elapsed Time Indicator (TE-5010)
Motor blower: 2 Stage Vacuum Motor 110v/60hz (TE-116336) 220v/50hz (TE-116125)
Flow Indicator: 0 to 100" Magnehelic Gage (TE-1005)
Mechanical programmable timer 7 Day Mechanical Timer (TE-5007)
Elapsed time indicator device: Elapsed Time Indicator (TE-5010)
Sample Module: Particulate/vapour sampling module with Tischaloy coating (TE-1002)
Motor Specifications: Start up amps: 15 amps
Running amps: 5 amps

Shipping Information:
1 Carton 45.5" x 22.5" x 20" Weight 70 lbs
1 Carton 19" x 14" x 14" Weight 9 lbs

Ordering Information:

TE-1000 PUF (Poly-Urethane Foam) Monitor in Ambient Air Please specify 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz
TE-1001 PUF Anodized Aluminium Shelter
TE-5007 7-Day Mechanical Timer
TE-1003 Flow Venturi & Calibration Valve
TE-5010 Motor Voltage Control
TE-1004 PUF Blower Motor Assembly
TE-1002 Dual Sampling Module
TE-1023 Exhaust Hose
TE-1005 Magnehelic Gauge
TE-5001-10 Gabled Roof
(Available with Brushless Motor)

TE-1000 Consumables
TE-1008-5 Teflon Gasket each (2 required)
TE-1009 Glass Cartridge w/Stainless Steel Screens
TE-1009GF Glass cartridge with glass frit for PUF sampler using XAD
TE-1010 3" long polyurethane vapour collection substrate, (unwashed) package of 10 "FR" free
TE-1011 2” Long Polyurethane Vapour Collection Substrate, (unwashed) package of 10 “FR” free
TE-1012 1” Long Polyurethane Vapour Collection Substrate, (unwashed) package of 10 “FR” free
TE-116125 Motor for 220V PUF System for 220V
TE-116336 Motor for 110V PUF System
TE-33378 Brushes (Set of 2) for 220V Motor TE-116312 and TE-116111
TE-33384 Brushes (set of 2) for 110V Motor TE-116311 and TE-116336
TE-5005-4 Motor Cushion
TE-5040 Calibration kit (One required at each site)
TE-QMA-4 Micro-Quartz Filter Media 4” Round for PUF (100 per box)