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Concrete Surface Mounted Strain Gauge

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The Concrete Surface Mount Strain Gauge measures strain in concrete members. It consists of a coil assembly, Vibrating Wire element and two groutable anchors to embed the unit in the concrete structure to be monitored. O-ring seals between the protective tube and the gauge end blocks provide waterproofing and allow the tube to remain unstressed.

The Concrete Surface Mounted Strain Gauge can measure strain on concrete members on buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines or any other concrete structure.

The Concrete Surface Mount Strain Gauge consists of a sealed tube containing the wire that is attached via allen bolts to a removable anchor at either end. The Concrete Surface Mounted Strain Gauge is used for measuring strain in concrete structures including load bearing concrete beams and piles.

The pick-up coil is designed to slip easily over a flattened section in the centre of the gauge tube, so it can also be fitted after installing the gauge. As the gauge and the coil are easily removable, they can be reused if desired.

The anchor bolts are site grouted using the setting bar as a template to drill holes into the structure to be monitored.The gauge must be removed from the anchor bolts during grouting to prevent damaging it. The two anchor bolts are grouted (using the gauge setting bar as a template) on to the structure to be monitored. Once the anchors have been grouted into the holes, the gauge is refitted into the anchors and tensioned as necessary. If not already fitted, the pick-up coil needs to be slid into place and secured with cable ties.

A factory fitted, four-core screened cable connects the coil to the readout unit. Once installed, changes in strain are monitored by the coil assembly mounted on the gauge. The gauges can be read individually and locally, or remotely and automatically as part of a data collection system.

Product Features:

• Adjustable strain gauge for the most effective use of the instrument range
• Individually calibrated
• Integral thermistor
• Waterproof
• Gauge and coils are re-usable

The sensor can be read using any commercially available Vibrating Wire readout, and temperature data can also be read from the integral thermistor. The use of a frequency based signal (as with all VW measurements) means long cable runs are achievable (in excess of 1,000m) between the instrument and the readout point or data logger.

Ordering Information:

Concrete Surface Mounted Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge
3000μ strain range. Includes sensor with thermistor, 2No Mounting Blocks. Installation tool ST3-2.1 required for installation.

ST3-1.1 Sensor with specified cable length
ST3-1.2 Sensor with 3 metre cable length
ST3-1.3 Sensor with 10 metre cable length
ST3-1.4 Sensor with 25 metre cable length
ST2-1.5 Protective thermal cover

Installation Tools
One tool required for multiple installations
ST3-2.1 Installation kit. Includes setting jig & spacer. Only one required.

Connecting Cable And Fittings
CA-3.1-4-IC Instrument cable, 4 core, 7/0.20, screened
CA-4.1 Joint sealing kit
CA-4.2 Coloured adhesive tapes
CA-4.3 Crimping tool
CA-4.4 Crimping sleeves
W6-6.1 Nylon ties
ST1-3.5 Nylon ties

Installation Accessories
ST3-3.1 Spare groutable anchors set