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NRD AMR Network Relay

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The NRD Network Relay serves as a end-of-line relay for G2 Net subnets. The NRD is a repeater that extends the distance of M2/M1B endpoint radios into R2n or SNC network nodes. The NRD provides a cost-effective solution for end-of-line subnet locations and for hybrid-mobile systems.

In a mobile system, the NRD is controlled by the G2 Mobile Laptop System via the R2m Mobile Transceiver

The NRD is a one-way 900 MHz Spread Spectrum network relay. It serves as a data relay for any radio endpoints in proximity.

RF Specifications
FCC Compliance – NRD Relay: Part 15.247 Unlicensed
Frequencies – NRD Relay: 902 to 928 MHz
RF Technique: Spread Spectrum

Physical Specifications
Weight : 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)
SNC enclosure Dimensions: 9.8” W x 11.79” H x 4.94” D
(w/o antennas) 250mm W x 300mm H x 125mm D

NRD enclosure rating: IP67 (weatherproof)
Temperature Rating: -40 to 140 oF / -30 to 60 oC

Enclosure: Gasketed front panel
Cable Entry: Waterproof cable glands
Color: Neutral Grey

Electrical Specifications
Maximum Power Requirement: 0.25W
Power Supply – Battery Pack Option 57 A-Hr (6-yr+ life)
Power Supply – AC Option 25W AC power supply
Power Supply – Solar Option 6W Panel/Charger/Battery System

NRD Transceiver antenna: 6 db Omni-directional Elevated Feed Whip
Mounting options: Integral to NRD enclosure; Remote (wall or mast) mount
Protection: Lightning suppressor within enclosure

Wall Mount: Mounting bracket provided
Mast Mount: Mounting bracket and steel strapping provided (mast not provided by T2)
Grounding: Ground lug provided

Ordering Information
NRD- One-way Relay