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TEX-ICC400 Intelligent PLC Controller

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The TEX-ICC400 intelligent customisable PLC controller provides a truly flexible control solution for a wide range of machine automation applications. It combines flexible modular signal conditioning I/0 with a machine control oriented operating system.


Standard operating functions include:

- Sensor and process calibration routines, input linearisation and PID control with process protection alarms.

- A comprehensive range of logic functions, including timers, totalisers, counters and Boolean operators are included in the standard instrument in addition to sequence, recipe, data-logging and a library of sophisticated statistical functions.

- The ICC provides the functionality for a range of applications requiring continuous process control combined with logic sequencing. Examples include: autoclaves, sterilisers, furnaces, ovens, environmental and growth chambers, weighing and batching applications and monitoring systems.

- Functionality of the ICC may be easily customised using the BASIC language macros, enabling you to easily define and link the functions within the operating system.

- A range of customisable display options provide comprehensive view of the process and machine status. Display options range from alphanumeric text messaging to full graphic touch panel in various sizes.

- nA full range of communication options are available: Modbus RTU (master and slave), ASCII terminal mode, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus/TCP and Macro Master mode for custom protocols.

Never before has it been so easy to build the customisable control system you need!

Configurable input signal conditioning, control and monitoring application software functions are embedded in the ICC operating system forming the core of your customisable control solution

• PID control 1-6 loops
• Process (high or low limit), Hysteresis, Band and Deviation alarm outputs are available with the additional flexibility of latching and masking functions
• Time and event-based sequencing
• Multiple timer functions
• Full floating-point 32-bit maths
• Polynomial calculations
• 125-point linearisation table, macros are also available for multi-channel linearisation
• Square root and inverse of inputs and outputs
• Smart auto zero with programmable capture band, rate of change and aperture window for weighing applications
• Smart quick response averaging
• Totalises, timers, counters and integration functions

Ordering Information:

ICC - 402 - HV ICC - 402 base controller with HV (high voltage) power supply
ICC - 402 - LV ICC - 402 base controller with LV (low voltage) power supply

If you require a display for your ICC – 402 controller then you may select any ONE of the displays listed below.

DISPLAYS (Display cable included)
R / DI - 60 6 digit LED remote display (13mm, 14-segment), 5 buttons, 6 SP LED’s
R / DI - 602 2 x 6 digit LED remote display (2 rows of 10mm, 14-segment), 5 buttons, 6 SP LED’s
R / DISP1602 2 x 16 digit LCD remote display (2 rows of 10mm), 7 buttons, 4 SP LED’s
R / TP5.7 5.7” touch panel remote display - customisable using standard HTML authoring tools

Your ICC - 402 programmable controller will accept up to THREE of the following input cards, up to a total of 12 channels. (I.e. The combined number of channels across all input cards may not exceed 12.)
NOTE: If you select multiple input cards, the IE - 02 input expander will be supplied FREE with your controller.

4 Channels
IW01 1 x Current (1A)
1 x Voltage
1 x Power
1 x Power factor

IW02 1 x Current (5A)
1 x Voltage
1 x Power
1 x Power factor

1 Channel
IF11 1 x Frequency / counter
ISC02* 1 x Quadrature

3 Channels
ISC02* 3 x Counter (independent)

1 Channel
ISM1* 1 x Magnetostrictive

3 Channels
ISH02* 1 x pH
1 x RTD (3-wire)
1 x DC (mA)

4 Channels
ISHD3* 2 x pH

1 Channel
IG005 1 x Pressure - (5" H20,magnehelic applications)
IG01 1 x Pressure (1psi)
IG05 1 x Pressure (5psi)
IG15 1 x Pressure (15psi)
IG30 1 x Pressure (30psi)
IG100 1 x Pressure (100psi)

2 Channels
IDG01 2 x Pressure (1psi)
IDG05 2 x Pressure (5psi)
IDG15 2 x Pressure (15psi)
IDG30 2 x Pressure (30psi)
IDG100 2 x Pressure (100psi)

1 Channel
IP07 1 x DC (V/mA)
ISD1* 1 x DC (V)

2 Channels
ISDD1* 2 x DC (V)
ISDP1* 2 x DC (mA)

3 Channels
ISH02* 1 x DC (mA)
1 x pH
1 x RTD (3-wire)

4 Channels
ISQD1* 4 x DC (V)
ISQP1* 4 x DC (mA)

6 Channels
IST1* 2 x DC (V/mA)
3 x RTD (3-wire)
1 x Digital

8 Channels
ISOD1* 8 x DC (V)
ISOP1* 8 x DC (mA)

1 Channel
IR02 1 x Potentiometer
ISR1* 1 x Potentiometer

2 Channels
ISR3* 2 x Potentiometer
4 Channels
ISSA* 4 x Potentiometer

1 Channel
IT01 1 x Thermocouple
IT02 1 x RTD (3/4-wire)
2 Channels
IST5* 2 x RTD (4-wire)
3 Channels
ISH02* 1 x RTD (3-wire)
1 x pH
1 x DC (mA)
4 Channels
2 x pH
ISQT4* 4 x RTD (3-wire)
ISTC* 4 x Thermocouple
6 Channels
IST1* 3 x RTD (3-wire)
2 x DC (V/mA)
1 x Digital

1 Channel
ISS1* 1 x Loadcell (4/6-wire)
2 Channels
ISS5* 2 x Loadcell (4-wire)
4 Channels
ISS7* 4 x Loadcell (4-wire)

Your ICC - 402 series controller comes standard with an ICCS1 serial port (see table
below). You may upgrade this if desired to include:
• 1/4 analogue outputs
• 1-3 serial ports
Select a maximum of ONE option only from each of the two sections in the table.

AIC100 1 x 4-20mA, 100Hz
AIV100 1 x 0-10V, 100Hz
AQI100 4 x 4-20mA, 100Hz
AQV100 4 x 0-10V, 100Hz

1 Port
ICCS1 1 x RS232/485 (combo RJ11) - included by default if no serial upgrade is specified
ICCS10 1 x RS485 (screw)
2 Ports
ICCS2 1 x RS232 (RJ11) 1 x RS485 (screw)
ICCS4 1 x RS232 (RJ11) 1 x RS232/485 (combo RJ11)
ICCS6A 1 x Ethernet (ASCII) 1 x RS232/485 (combo RJ11)
ICCS6M 1 x Ethernet (Modbus) 1 x RS232/485 (combo RJ11)
ICCS8 2 x RS485 (screw)
ICCS9 1 x RS485 (RJ11) 1 x RS232/485 (combo RJ11)
ICCS11 1 x Ethernet (ASCII) 1 x RS232 (screw)
3 Ports
ICCS3 2 x RS232 (RJ11) 1 x RS485 (screw)
ICCS5 2 x RS232 (RJ11) 1 x RS232/485 (combo RJ11)
ICCS7A 1 x Ethernet (ASCII) 1 x RS232/485 (combo RJ11) 1 x RS232 (RJ11)
ICCS7M 1 x Ethernet (Modbus) 1 x RS232/485 (combo RJ11) 1 x RS232 (RJ11)
ICCS12 2 x RS232 (screw) 1 x RS232/485 (combo screw)

Your ICC - 402 controller comes standard with 3 function pins which can be configured as digital inputs if required.
You may also select any ONE of the following digital I/O modules, which are designed to be mounted externally on the DIN rail beside the base unit.

IO - 04 0 x inputs 4 x outputs (2 x Form A, 2 x Form C)
IO - 1012 10 x inputs 12 x outputs (2 x Form A, 2 x Form C, 8 x O/C)
IO - 1012L 10 x inputs 12 x outputs (12 x O/C)
IO - 2628 26 x inputs 28 x outputs (2 x Form A, 2 x Form C, 24 x O/C)
IO - 4244 42 x inputs 44 x outputs (2 x Form A, 2 x Form C, 40 x O/C)
IO - 5860 58 x inputs 60 x outputs (2 x Form A, 2 x Form C, 56 x O/C)

Your ICC - 402 series base controller has a 256KB configuration storage capacity. Data-logging and real-time clock will be enabled when you opt for a memory upgrade. You may select a maximum of ONE memory upgrade option from the list below.

RTC - 3328
3,072KB internal memory upgrade + data-logging and real-time clock
Expands TOTAL memory to 3,328KB
1GB external memory module + data-logging and real-time clock
Expands TOTAL memory to 1GB