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M2 Multi-Position Earmuff

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Multi-Position EarMuffs (Class 5) NRR 26

Good looks and style.
Exclusive iridescent color and sleekshape for a look workers will want to wear. The SoftCoat® covering on the cups and yoke helps to muffle transmitted noise.

Quick and easy alignment.
The special moulded grips of the M2 Multi-Position Earmuffs make fitting and alignment quick and easy. The cup adjustment is infinitely variable, distributing pressure evenly for a comfortable fit. The headband is made of lightweight plastic.

• 100% PVC-Free.
• NRR 26 (Over-the-Head).
• SoftCoat® covering helps muffle transmitted noise.
• Exclusive iridescent color and sleek shape for great looks.
• Light weight plastic headband.
• Moulded grips for easy and quick fitting.

Ordering Information:
Z2 6201 - Ear Muffs
6105 - Hygiene Kit