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Density Skimmers

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Density Skimmers for shallow bores pits and tanks

Density Skimmers (TR-702 / 704 / 706 / 712) are used when there is less than 18 inches of fluid from the bottom of the well to the water/product interface. These skimmers have a specific gravity of 0.95 and float in the water with the top inlet just above the product/water interface.

The 2-in, 4-in and 6-in sizes are for use in well casings with these nominal inside diameters. The 11.5-in model is self-supporting and may be used in large diameter wells, open excavations and open water applications.

Note: Density skimmers are not zero water (ZW) compatible, therefore it is essential that either the F.A.P. Plus ZW conversion kit (TR-51699) or F.A.P. Plus pump (TR-516) be purchased.

Float: UHMW polyethylene, S.G. 0.95
Inlet Screen: Stainless steel mesh
Coil: Polyurethane tubing
Effective Travel: Up to 24 in

Ordering Information:

TR-702 / 704 / 706 / 712 F.A.P. Plus Density Skimmer
TR-702 Dimensions 1.65-in dia.
TR-704 Dimensions 3.5-in dia.
TR-706 Dimensions 5.5-in dia.
TR-712 Dimensions 11.5-in dia.
TR-51699 F.A.P. Plus ZW Conversion Kit 10-32 plug, 1/8 in-OD plug