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OxiTop® Control

OxiTop® Control Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Instrumentation is an advanced version of the successful OxiTop® BOD Instrumentation system that uses software-controlled functions and an infra-red interface to communicate with a handy controller, the OC 100. This BOD instrumentation system enables the simultaneous and grouped start, management, storage and tracking of 100 BOD measuring heads via the controller and allows them to be tracked on a large display with graphic evaluation. BOD measurement data can be transferred to the PC for evaluation and documentation via the AK-540/B cable (order no. 902842) and the communication program Achat OC (order no. 208990).
OxiTop BOD Measurement Instrumentation
WTW OxiTop BOD Measurement Instrumentation

The Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) data can be called up at any time, even during sampling, thus enabling checking of the samples for errors. The display of the progress curve allows immediate detection of irregularities and interferences, such as having the BOD value set too high for the volume used or undesired nitrification. BOD measurement corrections can thus be made at an early stage. OxiTop® Control BOD instrumentation offers you simple operation, improved controllability, non-toxicity, and measuring ranges of up to 4,000 mg/l BOD.

• Simple operation
• Non-Toxic
• Stores 100 user-defined routine measurements
• User-friendly on screen guidance for easy operation

Measuring principle: Respirometric (manometric)
Measured of: BODn (oxygen drift according to DIN 38409 T 52)
Pressure range: 7.25 to 19.5 psi (500 to 1350 hPa(mbar))
Accuracy: + 1% of measured value, + 7% of measuring range
Resolution: 0.015 psi (1 hPa)
Display: LED pilot lamps
Power supply: Lithium batteries (260 mAh), 2 x type CR 2430 (3V)
Battery run time: ~ 2 years with normal use
Protection class: 3 IEC 1010, EN61010 part 1
Protection type: IP 54 DIN 40050
Admissible measuring temperature: 20°C ± 1 C
Admissible sample temperature (when being filled): 15-20°C
EMC Emissions: EN 50081-1, FCC Class A Immunity: EN 50082-2
Climate class: 2, VDI/VDE 3540
Storage Temperature: -25°C to +65°C
Operating Temperature: 5°C to +50°C
Test mark: CE, UL, CUL(UL/CSA)
Dimensions: 70 mm height, 70 mm diameter
Weight: 95 g

Ordering Information:
208201 OxiTop® Control 6
BOD Measurement Instrumentation
BOD measuring instrument for self-check, with controller OC100, 6 measuring units with IR interface, and accessories.

208204 OxiTop® Control 12
BOD Measurement Instrumentation
BOD measuring instrument for self-check, with controller OC100, 6 measuring units with IR interface, and accessories.

208990 Achat OC
PC communication program
Required accessories: Interface cable AK 540/B (902842).

902842 AK 540/B
Interface Cable
OxiTop® BOD Instrumentation thermostat box, for up to 12 OxiTop® units and stirrer base,

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