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Air Force- Advanced Bubbler System

The HS-40 Gas Purge Compressor + Bubbler System has been designed to replace conventional nitrogen gas bottle supply to bubble units / gas purge systems, used for measuring water level in dams, rivers, canals and tanks with up to 30 mH2O (100 ft) head.
True bubbler system – can be used with or without a Gas Chamber Orifice
Air Force- Advanced Bubbler System

Advantages over other systems:
• Compact single unit.
• Maintenance free (no gas bottle or desiccant to be replaced) – the air dryers have an auto-drain moister trap feature that sense moisture build up and purge it to atmosphere.
• Can interface to SDI-12 and 4-20mA outputs simultaneously.
• Easy to install.

The basic system consists of an air compressor, a 2 litre receiving tank, a twin mist separator air dryer and a bubbler system all built into a single small enclosure. The system continually monitors the tank pressure and when it falls below 400kPa (58 psi), the compressor will start and pump the tank pressure back up to 750kPa (110psi)

The HS-40, with the optional inbuilt WL3100 pressure transducer, allows the measurement of water level to an accuracy of ±0.02% F.S. (The WL3100A is a more advanced model that allows the fine tuning of the “user factor” relationship between pressure and water level, and is temperature compensated from –40oC to 80oC)

The inbuilt WL3100 / WL3100A have an SDI-12 interface and a 4-20mA interface that can be used at the same time to provide data to 2 separate systems if required.

Ordering Information:
HS40 - Includes compressor + tank + air dryer + bubbler
HS40 / 3100 - Includes compressor + tank + air dryer + bubbler + inbuilt WL3100
HS40 / 3100A - Includes compressor + tank + air dryer + bubbler + inbuilt WL3100A

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