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CyberScan PC 300 pH/Conductivity/TDS Meter

This meter is a microprocessor based instrument that is designed to be handy capable of allowing one-hand operation. It is capable of measuring pH, Conductivity, TDS and Temperature. It is completely WATERPROOF --- and it FLOATS! This meter has many user-friendly features ---- all of which are completely accessible through the water-resistant membrane keypad. Your meter includes a conductivity electrode (cell constant K = 1.0) with built-in temperature sensor.
CyberScan PC300 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS Meter
CyberScan PC300 Waterproof pH/Conductivity/TDS Meter

The Waterproof CyberScan PC 300 Multi-parameter meter is specially designed to meet the rigours of outdoor field measurement. It is equipped with an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) microprocessor which provides many advanced features through its user customisable set-up functions, while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Eutech waterproof hand-held meters are ergonomically designed to be waterproof (IP67) and are extremely light. The meters even float in water for easy retrieval and are suitable for rugged out-door use and convenient one hand operation.

The CyberScan PC 300 Multi-parameter meter permits user-customisation of the following functions:
• Stability
• Unit of temperature measurement (oC/oF)
• Temperature Coefficient
• Normalisation Temperature etc.

The PC 300 allows up to 5-point pH calibration and 5-point conductivity calibration (one point per range). This improves accuracy and linearity across all ranges. Auto-buffer recognition makes pH calibration procedure simple and easy. Built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation guarantees high accuracy levels under varying temperature conditions.

The conductivity electrode has a built-in temperature sensor and is specially designed to minimise bubble entrapment during measurement. Wetted materials including Stainless Steel, PBT and Ultem®, have good chemical durability. The rugged epoxy body pH electrode has a polymer gel which is non-degradable and resistant to bacterial and fungal attack. In addition, the double-junction pH electrode has the reference element isolated within a second chamber, minimising contamination, and extending useful life of the electrode.

The PC 300 meter is quick to detect and switch to appropriate Conductivity & TDS measuring range, thus eliminating guesswork.

Ordering Information:
EC-PCWP300/03K CyberScan PC300 meter with EC-FE72522-01B, EC-CONSEN91W & EC-PCWP-KIT
EC-FE72522-01B Epoxy body double junction pH electrode (1m cable)
EC-CONSEN91W Plastic body Conductivity electrode (k=1.0) with 2 stainless steel rings and built-in temperature sensor
EC-PHWPTEM-01W Temperature probe
EC-PCWP-KIT Carrying case with bottles & calibration standards

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