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AMS Borehole Preparation Kit

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Prior to the use of the penetrometer or vane shear tester, it may be necessary to pre-auger your hole with an AMS Borehole Preparation Kit.

Improve effectiveness of geotechnical testing and sampling with a pre-bored hole.

Clean up your pre-drilled holes with the AMS planer auger. With its cylinder shape, it is similar to the AMS bucket augers but has been designed to flatten and clean out the bottom of pre-drilled and augured holes. It removes the loose dirt left in the bottom of the hole. The ‘clean’ surface increases the integrity of subsequent samples taken.

Includes: 2 1/4" 5/8" regular auger, 2 1/4" 5/8" planer auger, one (1) 4' 5/8" extension, one (1) 3' 5/8" extension, rubber-coated cross handle, black poly-canvas bag.

Ordering Information:
Borehole Preparation Kit
400.78 Borehole Preparation Kit

Replacement Parts
400.08 2 1/4" Regular Auger
400.53 2 1/4" Planer Auger
408.02 5/8" X 3' Extension
408.03 5/8" X 4' Extension
406.04 16" Rubber Coated Cross Handle
430.32 4' Signature Poly-Canvas Case