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AMS One-Piece Augers

AMS One-Piece Auger is an alternative to the cumbersome post-hole digger

Powder-coated (black) for rust resistance and equipped with a 16" rubber-gripped cross handle for a total length of 53". Carbon steel auger bits are sharpened and heat-treated.

Available with a regular or mud auger head.

NOTE: The 4" model is the ergonomic alternative to the cumbersome post-hole digger. Equipped with a 4" regular or mud auger, one (1) 3' extension and rubber gripped cross handle, this simple auger is perfect for digging 4" post holes!

Benefits include:
• Quick and efficient in the field
• Eliminates back and shoulder jarring caused by traditional post-hole diggers.

Ordering Information:
One-Piece Auger
400.48 One Piece 2-3/4" Regular Auger
400.46 One Piece 4" Regular Auger
400.49 One Piece 2-3/4" Mud Auger
400.47 One Piece 4" Mud Auger