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AMS One-Piece Open-Face Auger

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One-piece design is all you need to penetrate depth in combination soils.

Thick, 10 gauge high carbon steel has been hand-formed with an aggressive cutting head, yielding quicker soil penetration. Unique design of cutting head pulls itself into the ground with little effort and makes this auger useful in combination soils, from mud/clay to hard pan.

Equipped with a 16" rubber-gripped cross handle for a total length of 52", the open-face design is useful for quick visual profile of soil sample and for easy soil extraction.

Ordering Information:
One-Piece Open-Face Auger
400.54 One-Piece 2-1/2" Open-Face Auger


AMS soil augers are commonly used for obtaining disturbed samples at or near the surface and for boring to depths where samples may be obtained with a soil sampler or soil core sampler. AMS augers are available in all stainless steel for EPA testing or carbon steel bits with stainless steel cylinders for general soil sampling and augering.
They are perfect for augering shallow depths, but AMS soil augers can also auger to deeper depths and are generally limited by only the time and muscle of the user. Users have recorded going over 100 ft using the AMS soil augers in a variety of soil conditions! But, if you want to speed up the process and rest your muscles, AMS offers powered options as well.

Standard Features:
• Most AMS augers are available with a threaded or a Quick Connect connection.
• A rounded bail for added torque resistance.
• Stainless steel cylinder for easier decontamination.
• Specially formed bits that dig and cut through the soil at the same time for easy penetration.
• Cut hole up to 1/4" larger than the cylinder to minimize drag.
• Most auger models are available in stainless steel (SST) for environmentally critical sampling and easier decontamination.
• Powered options are available.