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CCM-200 Plus GPS Chlorophyll Content Meter

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The CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter is an updated version of the very successful CCM-200 instrument. It is a reliable leaf absorption style meter with over 400 research citations. Designed as an affordable solution, the CCM-200 plus provides an included, programmable, measurement averaging option. Averaging between 2 to 30 samples are possible for nitrogen management. It includes a non-volatile flash memory that can store between 94,000 and 160,000 measurements. Data transfer is by USB port to Excel ® or other comma delineated spread sheets.

CCM-200 Plus Non-destructive Chlorophyll Content Measurements


  • Fast - non-destructive measurement at an affordable price
  • Cited by more than 400 published scientific papers
  • User selected sample averaging size from 2-30 measurements for nitrogen management applications
  • Comma delineated files may be opened directly in Excel ® using a USB port
  • An almost unlimited memory included for data logging
  • Lightweight, Hand-Held Design Optimized for Field Work
  • Displays Chlorophyll Content Index or CCI



Measured Parameters: Optical absorbance in two different wavebands: 653 nm (Chlorophyll) & 931 nm (Near Infra-Red).

Measurement Area: 9.52 mm (3/8") diameter circle (71 mm2)

Resolution: 0.1 CCI unit

Repeatability: +/- 1%

Source: Custom 2 wavelength LED module.

Detector: Silicon photodiode with integral amplifier for absorbance measurement, power monitoring, and temperature compensation.

Storage Capacity: 8 Mbyte of memory for up to 160,000 data measurements, or 94,000 with added GPS data entries.

Data Modes: (3) Single point, user selectable from 1-30 point averaging, and a statistical 10-30 point protocol that asks to replace data points beyond a 2 sigma standard deviation.

User Interface 128 x 32 pixel graphic display, beep signals, keys for: setup, measurement protocols, diagnostics, data control and user input of alphanumeric comment lines.

I/O: USB 1.1 & RS-232; multi-point file output, single point out on demand, NMEA 0183 compliant for GPS data input.

Temperature Range: 0-50oC.

Temperature Drift: Temperature compensated source and detector circuitry for minimum drift over full range.

Power Source: 9V Alkaline battery.

Auto Off Interval: 4 minutes (no key press or data download).

Size: 152(L) x 82(W) x 25(D) mm

Weight with battery: 162 g


Ordering Information:
CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter
Includes: On board averaging, GPS connectivity, 9 Volt Battery, USB cable, and Owners Manual.