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FieldScout CM1000 Chlorophyll Meter

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Based on an exclusive patent license from NASA, the Spectrum Chlorophyll Meter uses point and shoot technology to instantly tell you relative chlorophyll content, a key early indicator of plant health.

Detects Stress Earlier Than Visual Monitoring - Before Plant Growth Is Affected

Nitrogen Management Solutions for:
• Yield-limiting crop deficiencies
• Chlorophyll monitoring
• Over-fertilisation prevention

Integrates a large 0.5" diameter area at 12" on a plant leaf or a 4.5" diameter spot on turf grass at 4 feet.

High powered lasers outline the edges of the measured sample area of leaf or canopy. Ambient light sensor automatically corrects for varying light conditions. The handheld Spectrum meter calculates and displays a running average for multiple readings while simultaneously recording each sample in the built-in data logger for detailed analysis later at your PC.

Data logger can function with or without GPS/DGPS. Requires cable.

Durable and highly portable, the Field Scout Chlorophyll Meter is an essential tool for more effectively managing your nitrogen program. Use the powerful SpecMaps online application to discover the value of spatially variable sensor measurements.

Ordering Information:
2950 Field Scout CM-1000 Chlorophyll Meter

2950S Software-Activates Data Logger (Includes: PC cable)
2950CV5 GPS/DGPS Cable
3661USB USB-to-Serial Adapter