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Irrometer Tensiometers

  • Scheduling irrigation based on how hard plant roots are working to draw water from the soil
  • Models  6419 - 6423 are for general use with field or tree crops
  • “LT” models are for coarse soils or greenhouse media
  • Can be connected to WatchDog Data Loggers and Stations with Pressure Transducer (item 3669)
  • Item 6417, Miniature Low Tension tensiometer, has a limited measurement range of 0-40 centibars and is designed to be used in small containers in Greenhouses or Nurseries
  • Item 6418, Portable Soil Moisture Tensiometer, is designed to be installed in a temporary situation so that the user can make a “spot check” of soil water tension and then relocate the instrument to other locations. Each site reading may take from minutes to hours, depending on soil conditions
  • Service kit required (Item 6425)


Item Name Item Number
Tensiometer - 6in 6419
Tensiometer - 12in 6420
Tensiometer - 18in 6421
Tensiometer - 24in 6422
Tensiometer - 36in 6423
Low Tension Tensiometer - 12in 6420LT
Low Tension Tensiometer - 18in 6421LT
Low Tension Tensiometer - 24in 6422LT
Low Tension Tensiometer - 36in 6423LT
Miniature Low Tension Tensiometer - 4.75in 6417
Portable Soil Moisture Tensiometer - 12in 6418