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Chlorophyll Filtering Kit

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A complete chlorophyll filtration system all in one place

Plastic flask for use in both field and lab
Because chlorophyll indirectly measures how much algae are in a lake or pond, sampling it can indicate how eutrophied (over-enriched) your body of water may be. Here is a unique kit that allows you to filter your chlorophyll samples. Please keep in mind that aquatic weeds compete with algae for nutrients and a weed-choked lake will probably have very few algae in the water. This kit, therefore, applies only to lakes that have few weeds.

This kit is a natural to use after you have obtained your water sample with one of our Alpha (TM), Kemmerer or Fieldmaster® water bottles. Take it out to the field along with 1-L sample bottles, aluminium foil and forceps (not included), and you're ready to filter and save your chlorophyll samples.

Kit contains:
1. 500 mL plastic receiving flask to catch the filtrate which is dumped back into the lake. It has a nose to accept the tube from a hand pump to suction out air for faster filtering.
2. 300 mL plastic top filter holder with a magnetic base - great for in the field. Attaches to the nose of the receiving flask. Durable and safe for most glass funnels, it features easy filter retrieval. Graduated at 50 mL increments. Accepts 47 mm filter.
3. Superior glass fiber filter, 1 um - 47 mm, fitting precisely onto the holder. The filter is folded into aluminum foil and frozen before sending to a lab for processing.
4. 500 mL plastic graduated cylinder.
5. PVC hand-operated vacuum pump with gauge

Ordering Information:
4100-C10 Chlorophyll Filtering Kit
29-1064 Filter Holder, magnetic
29-1065 Filters, Pack 100
78-610 Vacuum Pump