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Barnacle 53

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Trawl resistant bottom mount ADCP frame

• Safely deploy ADCP instruments in trawled areas
• Rugged fiberglass construction with external ballast pockets
• Large volume to accommodate instruments and batteries
• Standard and diver-serviceable canister gimbal options
• Extended frame for pop up buoy installation

The Oceanscience Barnacle 53 is for deployment in areas where trawling is a problem. The Barnacle's low profile and curved edges minimise the potential for disturbance. The Barnacle provides the strongest protection available for your Doppler profiler or other sensors. There are no corners or edges to snag.

Externally inserted lead ballast makes the Barnacle easy to handle on deck and easy to deploy from any size boat. The optional canister gimbal insert houses the gimbaled instrument so that the entire assembly may be easily removed by a diver.

All Oceanscience Seafloor platforms are easy to customise for special applications. The hand-laid heavy fiberglass construction provides immense strength and excellent resistance to corrosion. With 46kg of lead ballast weight, the Barnacle 53 weighs 76kg.

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Barnacle 53
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