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Aquafluor™ Handheld Fluorometer

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Simply the best portable Handheld Fluorometer for Field or Lab

The Aquafluor™ is a lightweight, handheld fluorometer/turbidimeter. Its dual channel capability allows the user to measure either fluorescence or turbidity in one sample.

The Aquafluor can be configured for any two channels as follows: in vivo chlorophyll a; cyanobacteria (phycocyanin or phycoerythrin); turbidity, Rhodamine WT; fluorescein; ammonium and extracted chlorophyll a.

Highlights of the AquaFluor™
• Dual channels allow for quick toggling between two applications
• Small size easily fits in shirt or jacket pocket
• Dust-proof and watertight for field use, it even floats!
• Single-point plus blank calibration
•12 bit resolution
• Operates using AAA batteries for >1,000 measurements per set
• 5 second warm up
• Low maintenance field fluorometer

Ranges of Selected Channels
In Vivo Chlorophyll a: 0 - 300 μg/L
Rhodamine Dye: 0 - 400 ppb
Cyanobacteria: 0 - 150,000 cells/mL
Extracted Chlorophyll a: 0 - 500 μg/L
Turbidity: 0 - 500 NTU
Fluorescein Dye: 0 - 400 ppb
Ammonium: 0 - 100 μM
Optical Brighteners: 0-30,000 ppm

Ordering Information:
8000-010 AquaFluor™ Handheld Fluorometer/Turbidimeter

8000-920 Internal Data Logging
8000-952 Adjustable Solid Secondary Standard*
8000-951 Adjustable Solid Secondary Standard**
10-029A 12x75 mm Round Glass Test Tubes (12 ea)***
7000-957 10x10 mm Square Polystyrene Cuvette (100 ea)****
7000-959 10x10 mm Square Methacrylate Cuvette (100 ea)

8000-408 Turbidity
8000-406 Chlorophyll a in vivo
8000-407 Chlorophyll a Extracted
8000-412 Blue Green Algae - Phycocyanin
8000-411 Blue Green Algae - Phycoerythrin
8000-405 Fluorescein Dye
8000-409 Rhodamine Dye
8000-402 Ammonium
8000-401 CDOM
8000-403 Optical Brighteners

*Not for use with fluorescein, ammonium or optical brightener channels
**For use with fluorescein and phycocyanin channels only
***Recommended for use with extracted chlorophyll channel
****Recommended for instruments with turbidity channel