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PhytoFlash Submersible Active Fluorometer

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PhytoFlash is an in situ Submersible Active Fluorometer that can be used to determine the quantum efficiency of phytoplankton in both oligotrophic and mesotrophic environments. PhytoFlash is distinct from other fluorescence instruments on the market in that it is the first solid-state instrument capable of variable fluorescence measurements on natural concentrations of phytoplankton.

PhytoFlash small size, power efficiency, more stable components, and lower price point.



The PhytoFlash detection system is best described as a short-pulse, multiple turnover variable fluorescence system. The technique utilises 3 low-intensity LEDs to monitor minimum fluorescence (Fo) and, after saturating the cells in the sample chamber using 6 high-intensity LEDs, maximum fluorescence (Fm).

The LEDs are arranged to provide an even distribution of light throughout the entire sample volume. The low intensity of the monitoring LEDs prevents an increase in the photosynthetic rate. Users are able to define the saturation duration (200 - 10,000 ms) of the high intensity LEDs.

Under the Laboratory Mode users are able to view the response curve. A dark Flow Through Cap is available to allow for dark adaptation for all three modes.

• Digitally integrates into a CTD or third-party system
• Low power consumption <1 W typical
• Extended battery life (Over 35 days at 30 second intervals)
• Large internal data logging memory (10,000 points)
• Optional solid secondary standard provides a quick, easy method to verify calibration
• Reports data in either Relative Fluorescence Units (RFU) or Direct Concentration
• Titanium model available for extended deployments

The PhytoFlash can be purchased in either the Blue (chlorophyll a specific) or the Red (cyanobacteria specific) version.

The Blue PhytoFlash uses blue excitation energy to excite the chlorophyll a molecule, specifically PhotoSystem II (PSII), which is the primary molecule used for light capture in most all chlorophyll a containing algal groups. The Red PhytoFlash uses red excitation energy to excite the PhotoSystem I (PSI) molecule, the preferred molecule used for light capture in cyanobacterial groups. The PhytoFlash units will estimate the photosynthetic efficiency of PSI or PSII depending on the unit purchased.

The PhytoFlash can be integrated into CTDs or multi-parameter systems, used in self contained mode in conjunction with the internal data logger and attachable battery or in flow-through mode for laboratory work and in under-way monitoring mode.

The variable fluorescence measurement is being used in an ever-growing list of applications, such as:

• Nutrient status of planktonic algae
• Detecting the onset of algal blooms
• Accurate measurement of algal biomass
• Monitoring algal community changes
• Measurement of non-photochemical quenching (laboratory mode)

Measured Parameters:
- Fo Minimum fluorescence
- Fm Maximum fluorescence
- Fv Variable fluorescence (Fm - Fo)
- Fv/Fm (yield) Maximum quantum yield of photochemistry in PSII
- Blank Calculated blank value used in calibration
- Response Curve

Dynamic Range: Low 0-5 μg/l; High 0-100 μg/l
Minimum Detection Limit: 0.15 μg/l

Weight in Water: 0.46 kg
Weight in Air: 1.47 kg
Depth: 600m
Temperature: -2 to 50 degrees C
Length x Diameter: 30.5 cm x 7.6 cm

Ordering Information:

2500-000 PhytoFlash Submersible Active Fluorometer (Blue Version)
2500-001 PhytoFlash Submersible Active Fluorometer (Red Version)

2500-000-T Titanium PhytoFlash Submersible Active Fluorometer (Blue Version)
2500-001-T Titanium PhytoFlash Submersible Active Fluorometer (Red Version)

2500-600 Submersible Battery Pack
2500-710 Flow Cap
2500-510 Shade Cap
2500-900 Solid Secondary Standard (for Blue PhytoFlash)
2500-901 Solid Secondary Standard (for Red PhytoFlash)
2500-170 24” Pigtail Cable with Locking Sleeve
2500-171 10 Meter Pigtail Cable with Locking Sleeve
2500-172 20 Meter Pigtail Cable with Locking Sleeve
2500-173 50 Meter Pigtail Cable with Locking Sleeve
2500-150 Interface Cable and 12V Power Supply
105-2570 Dummy Plug